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Attic Spray Foam Insulation Houston TX

Attic Insulation Houston

Attics wouldn’t be considered a favorite home feature for most homeowners, although they do provide a nice storage space. They’re heat traps, being exposed to sunlight at all times. This is why good attic insulation is so crucial.

Without great insulation, you’re going to get higher (or lower, depending on the season) temperatures within your home – it’s really that simple. This increased heat that spreads out to other areas causes your air conditioning system to switch on more often, increasing energy usage.

For homes in Houston, we recommend spray foam insulation for attics. Spray foam is optimal for attics as it possesses a R-value 2X better than traditional insulation. And we’ve got you covered – our professional installers are experienced in insulating attics of varied shapes and sizes.

Sprayed Attic Insulation Houston
Attic Insulation Houston
Attic Insulation Houston TX

Residential Spray Foam Insulation

There are hundreds of satisfied homeowners in Houston, Texas who have saved hundred of dollars from spray foam insulation over the past years. Our focus has always been providing environmentally friendly home improvement options to our customers. We want you to enjoy reduced utility bills and a pro-green energy-efficient home.

When you hire Houston Spray Foam Insulation, we’ll visit your home and conduct a detailed assessment of your attic space. We look at things like structure, frame position and prior insulation. We then draw up a time-based plan for insulating your attic.

Our choice of spray foam for insulation is based on multiple benefits of the superior material. Spray foam attic insulation has the ability to seal gaps and cracks, block moisture and prevent mold growth all while offering the best R-value on the market.

Houston’s Attic Insulation Installers

At Houston Spray Foam Insulation, we have got all your insulation needs covered as we offer a variety of insulation services for various applications like new constructions, retrofit, metal buildings and special projects to our numerous clients based in Houston, Texas. Based on our vast experience and expertise in insulation application, we can create a more cost-effective and comfy home for you.

If you are seeking excellent quality attic insulation in Houston, Texas then Houston Spray Foam Insulation is your perfect bet as we offer insulation services that are easy on the pocket as we get majority of our work materials directly from the manufacturers.

We also boast of our highly trained and experienced staff that have decades of experience in the industry who work with purpose to ensure you are satisfied with the result of your project. Another great benefit of engaging us is our timely delivery of projects as we aim to finish the job in the least possible time, and for clients within Houston, attic insulation application can be completed in one day.

Attic Insulation Houston

About Attic Insulation

The attic is one part of the home that is usually relegated to the mundane function of storing childhood memorabilia and holidays decorations but that is not the true purpose of the attic. Rather this least considered room has a more practical function, which is aiding in controlling temperature in the home by retaining the heat that rises from the lower floors of the house.

Now when the attic is insulated, the heat is kept below the attic, which helps to reduce heating costs in the home seeing as studies show that that uninsulated attics are responsible for about 15% of total energy loss in many homes.

Thanks to research and information put out by the Department of Energy (DOE), homeowners understand the importance of attic insulation in Houston, Texas and are investing in this service to improve home efficiency, raise comfort and safety levels, and also cut down on hefty energy bills.

When considering attic insulation in Houston, Texas, one has to realize that home insulation differs according to region and climate. Insulation that works for a home in Miami might be disastrous for a home in New York and that is why it is best to engage local spray foam and attic insulation experts.

At Houston Spray Foam Insulation, we advise that you get proper insulation recommendations for attic insulation in Houston, Texas, which would ensure there are no mistakes made on the issue of how to install attic insulation.

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New Construction Attic Insulation Houston

Types of Insulation for Attics

The first phase of insulating your attic in Houston, Texas is to understand that the heat of the sun can turn an attic into a furnace. If you want to reduce your energy bills, the attic is where you start from. The first thing most homeowners looking to invest in insulation in Houston, Texas worry about is, “What is the best insulation for attic?

At Houston Spray Foam Insulation, we recommend insulating the underside of the roof to keep heat out of the attic. With insulation products such as radiant barrier, batts of fiberglass even spray foam, the heat that rises to the attic can be kept out of the attic. After insulating the underside of the roof, it is advisable to switch focus to the floor of the attic and have that insulated as well.

Radiant barrier is an excellent choice of insulation product for Houston attic insulation as this material only reflects the heat energy and does not try to keep the heat in. When a second layer of radiant barrier is added inside the attic, it helps to keep your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning duct cool, which enables the ducts to carry cool air to rooms in the house.

For roof insulation, the blown-in insulation is the most ideal option for warmer climates and this insulation goes very well with the radiant barrier insulation, which would keep the heat out of your home.

When considering attic insulation for Houston, Texas, it is important to consider a couple of essential safety factors such as:

Airflow – It is best to get insulation professionals on your project to ensure that your insulation does not block any airflow into the attic. Vents and gables need to stay free of any blockage to enable the house have an inflow of fresh air.

Knob and Wiring – If the knob and tube wiring of your home is still active then it is advisable to leave it undisturbed and uncovered. Covering such wiring in insulation could start a fire.

Benefits of New Insulation in Your Attic

The pros of insulating your attic in Houston, Texas would be different from the benefits attic insulation would give a homeowner in Washington, DC, therefore it is important to know how insulation would benefit a homeowner in a warmer part of the country.

Decreased Energy Bills – At Houston Spray Foam Insulation, we understand that in hotter climates, the major energy expense is made to keep the home cool comfortable, therefore, homeowners are encouraged to install good attic insulation in Houston, Texas to regulate the indoor temperature by dehumidifying and cooling the house, which also helps to cooling bills in the home.

When a homeowner invests in proper insulation in Houston, Texas, there is always a noticeable reduction in noise pollution from neighbors, street sounds and even planes flying overhead.

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At Houston Spray Foam Insulation, we advise that homeowners always employ the services of licensed insulation contractors to get their attics and homes insulated against heat and cold as it takes more than just technical knowledge to get such project accomplished. Rather years of hands-on experience is required to deliver excellent results that would stand the test of time and would not dig a whole in your pocket.

Investing in attic insulation Houston for warmer climates is a necessity for any Houston homeowner who wants increased home efficiency, improved comfort, lower cooling bills and cleaner in-door air quality for the family.

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